I make all of my jewellery entirely by hand in my Crescent Beach studio in British Columbia, Canada. I use traditional tools and techniques – all the pieces start out as flat sheet and wire and stones which I hammer, solder, form, and cajole, culminating in the finished piece.

It’s important to me that the women who wear my jewellery feel special and unique. In this day and age of cheap, mass manufactured fashion there is something fantastic and marvelous about wearing something that was made by the hands of another human being from start to finish.

I’ve always had a fascination with process & technique – whether the subject matter is the natural world, human psyche, or something as banal the logic behind someone’s filing system! Naturally I had a fascination with jewellery; the process and techniques of turning hard unyielding metal into a three dimensional object are endless. You can ask five different jewellers how to accomplish a task and you will get five different answers!